We’re sole practitioners specialising in technology, commercial and public law and public sector procurement. We provide practical advice that’s in tune with your business and mindful of its context.

Our services to you

Technology and commercial law

From technology agreements to authentication and identity verification to advice on social media and cloud computing, we can help you with your technology law and contracting needs.

Public law and process

With our public law transactional and litigation backgrounds, we advise on public law decision-making and challenge through to the development and rollout of frameworks like NZGOAL.

Public sector procurement

We have extensive experience in public sector procurement, having advised on some of the most significant ICT procurements in recent times; single, panel and syndicated.

Open data and licensing

We have detailed knowledge of open licensing and the development of open data initiatives such as NZGOAL and would gladly advise you on their application.

Our approach

A sole collective

We’re acting as a collective of sole practitioners, focusing on our specialty areas and leveraging each other’s strengths while remaining agile and keeping overheads low.

Tools of the trade

We utilise technology, from cloud-based practice systems to tools that accelerate workflow, to work efficiently, reduce cost and focus on the harder stuff.

News and events

Musings on law, technology and then some + word of our events

Recent news and events
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