Hold tight to that iPhone

Apple’s anywhere, any person warranty is certainly useful when you have a problem with an Apple product. But not surprisingly, it benefits thieves as well as legitimate owners. An article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning quotes a New York City Police report as saying that mobile phones and other gadgets were the target of half of the 16,000 robberies reported in New York between January and October 2011 and that 70 per cent of all phones taken from subway and bus passengers were iPhones. And a common channel for thieves to get rid of iPhones is apparently to take them to a store, as if broken, for replacement or a discount on a new phone. Those with legitimate iPhone warranty claims may find this leads to Apple becoming less generous than it currently is. In the meantime, there are a number of iPhone apps designed to help guard against thieving, including one called iGotYa, which takes a photo of anyone who incorrectly types int he password on a locked phone and then emails the photo and location to the owner’s email address. iGotYa indeed. For the full article see SydneyMorningHerald.

Image care of Salvatore Vuono.

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