Launch of Interwoven Law

We are very pleased to announce Interwoven Law, an alliance of experienced senior lawyers working together to provide helpful advice to the public sector. Best+Hancock | Sole Practitioners is one of its founding members.

Interwoven Law is not a single firm, but a collective of agile practices, interwoven to better serve our clients. The Interwoven Law members are Best+Hancock | Sole Practitioners, Elwood Law, Jonathan Kaye Law, Palairet Law, Robert Buchanan Law and Van Rij Law.

What effect will the Interwoven alliance have? Interwoven Law will help us to continue to offer our clients excellent quality and value, through:

  • connectedness and sharing of knowledge: Interwoven Law members know the public sector well and are committed to sharing non-confidential information to ensure we all remain up to date. We also share templates and other know-how with one another to help deliver a better client service;
  • more newsletters and events: it takes time to stay on top of relevant legal developments. The Interwoven legal practices discuss recent cases, as well as legislative and policy changes, to ensure that our knowledge, and our clients’ knowledge, remains current. If you would like to subscribe to Interwoven Law newsletters, you can subscribe by email or RSS feed on the Interwoven website;
  • cost efficiencies (such as joint purchasing of some services and shared premises and resources) that will enable us to continue to offer our clients excellent value for money and highly competitive rates; and
  • added capacity: the Interwoven Law practices know each other well and are skilled at collaborating on projects. Where needed, and only with client approval, we can involve other Interwoven Law members to boost capacity, knowledge and turn-around.

You can find out more on Interwoven Law and its members at the Interwoven Law website.

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