Danny Mollan, Acting Chief Architect, Housing New Zealand Corporation:

I’ve worked with both Richard and Genevieve on a number of engagements at SSC and DIA, ranging from large scale ICT procurements and contract negotiations, through to individual detailed legal issues that broke new ground.

In all of those exercises Richard and Gen not only delivered consistent and excellent results, but they made the work enjoyable and engaging. They were consistently careful to ensure that I had a good understanding of the subject matter so that I could be fully involved in legal decision making processes when required.

In Richard and Gen you’ll also find a degree of tenacity and “dig” that makes them a delight to work with, and adds value to the business problem as a whole, not simply within the legal boundaries of the subject at hand.

Liesbeth Koomen, Former Assistant General Counsel, Commerce Commission, now Head of Government Affairs, Regulatory & Ultra Fast Broadband, TelstraClear:

Richard stands out for his sharp legal brain, eloquence, communication skills, integrity, humility and reliability. Richard impressed all including the Commissioners with his submissions, ability to put arguments persuasively and the ease with which they were presented. He always delivered on time. Richard’s deep IT knowledge and application make him remarkably versatile.

Terry Shubkin, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise Trust:

I worked very closely with Genevieve when I was Head of Operations at Unisys New Zealand and Genevieve was the General Counsel. Genevieve was extremely professional and dedicated in her role and a pleasure to work with.  Her legal knowledge and expertise was a given but what I most appreciated was the time she took to ensure that any legal work or advice not only protected the organisation, but helped to enable the business objectives. Genevieve worked closely with the team starting right at the proposal stage and through to contract negotiations, both working behind the scenes as well as meeting directly with clients.  While most of her work was around client contracts and obligations, I did also work with Genevieve on occasion on employment related matters. In both external and internal work, Genevieve worked hard to try to find a win-win situation for all parties to ensure ongoing relationships were maintained while still maintaining the organisation was legally protected.

Calum Gunn, Chief Adviser, Commerce Commission:

Richard managed the Commission’s day-to-day handling of major and highly complex litigation–the successful defence of judicial review proceedings issued against the Commission (HC WN CIV 2005 485 1066 [24/12/07]). This involved coordinating discovery, liaising with plaintiffs’ counsel, and briefing the Commission’s barristers–particularly including major contributions to the preparation of written submissions to the High Court (which amounted to some 280 pages). While his legal expertise/contribution to, and organisational skills managing, the case were exceptional, it is perhaps his outstanding personal competencies and qualities–in terms of dedication, conscientiousness, teamwork, unquestionable integrity and cheerful resilience under high pressure–that really make Richard stand out from his peers. He is sorely missed at the Commission.

Graham Alston, BPO Transformation Consultant for New Zealand Post:

I’ve known Genevieve for a number of years since she was in-house counsel for a major systems integration firm where I was the Partner for Financial Services.  During that time I felt very comfortable and confident in working with Genevieve to develop and contract a wide range of complex, technology centric engagements.  She was highly approachable; always willing to assist and provided meaningful, pragmatic advice and guidance.  This guidance reflected a strong commercial and practical understanding of what was trying to be achieved for our own organisation and, importantly, for our clients.  I wholeheartedly recommend Genevieve as one who delivers on her promise.

Andrea Gray, former General Manager Identity & Data Services, Department of Internal Affairs (until November 2011)

I worked with Richard over a number of years, when he supported the State Services Commission and the Department of Internal Affairs to deliver the all-of-government online authentication programme (later referred to as the igovt programme). Richard’s work included negotiation and development of integration agreements with participating agencies, analysis of privacy issues and review of external Privacy Impact Assessments, analysis and feedback on draft legislation, major roles in the procurement and negotiation of the Identity Verification Services Agreement, legal aspects of the ongoing management of supply and licensing agreements, and drafting substantial portions of online legal terms. From late 2009 to mid 2011 Richard took a lead role in the design and establishment of a complex and novel (for New Zealand) partnering arrangement with a commercial organisation to expand the use of the igovt services. His work included the design of the market procurement process (based on a UK model of competitive dialogue), ensuring appropriate probity arrangements were in place, drafting components of the agreement, being a key negotiator and managing the relationship with other legal experts as required. My observation of Richard’s strengths over the years include his focus on using his legal expertise to achieve business results, his ability to listen to and work productively with diverse people and in difficult negotiating situations and an ability to grapple with intellectually demanding issues over a sustained period.

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