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GOV.UKThose interested in how a single government website may function should take a look at the UK’s beta site. When you navigate to the site, you’re told immediately that it’s an experimental trial replacement for Directgov, that it may contain inaccuracies or be misleading, that Directgov remains the official website for government information and services, and that feedback is welcome. It also tells you that the site is using cookies and Google Analytics and explains that more information on cookies can be found at All understandable caveats and disclosures.
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A few months ago now I had reason to sign a software-related agreement with a US developer (to cut a long story short, I’d had a developer create an extension for me for a well-known CMS).

Once we’d finalised the wording of the contract, the developer sent it to me, via a service called EchoSign, for signature. EchoSign offers various ways of using the online channel to assist in the formation of contracts but the method used on this occasion was broadly as follows:

  • the developer uploaded the electronic version of the contract to EchoSign;
  • he then entered my email address and included a note to me;
  • then he clicked send to send the contract to me;
  • I entered my name and (from a couple of options) decided to sign with my mouse;
  • the contract was then sent back to the developer for his (electronic) signature, upon which the system emailed out a PDF of the signed contract for us both; and
  • the contract was then automatically filed (for him) in his online account with EchoSign.

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