Information law

We can help with the regulation, protection and disclosure of your and others’ personal and organisational information

With the ever-increasing march of technology, its deployment by organisations and agencies in new and exciting ways and the exponential rise in the use of social media, the regulation of information flows has become all the more important. From protecting individual privacy, to safeguarding trade secrets, to ensuring compliance with laws such as the Official Information Act 1982, the Public Records Act 2005 and the Unsolicitied Electronic Messages Act 2007, information law has become a discipline in its own right. We have broad and in some cases highly specific and technical experience across a diverse array of information law issues.


  • Advice to the Authentication Programme on a range of privacy issues.
  • Review of and input into third party Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • Advice regarding legislative regulation of the sharing of personal data.
  • Preparation of comprehensive guidance on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (UK) and its commercial implications, “Freedom of Information: A guide for business”.
  • Advising on confidentiality and privacy law outside of the Privacy Act.
  • Advice on the interplay between the OIA and open licensing of government copyright works, in the context of the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL).
  • Advising on the application of the Privacy Act to cloud computing and data off-shoring.
  • Advising on the inclusion of “data sovereignty” clauses in IT contracts.
  • Advising an employer on a potential breach of Information Privacy Principle 5 (storage/security) in the Privacy Act.
  • Drafting the Privacy Standard in the New Zealand Government Web Standards.
  • Drafting and amending of privacy policies for multiple government and other websites and blogs.
  • Negotiation of contracts for particular services to ensure Privacy Act compliance.
  • Advice on anonymisation of datasets before open licensing, in NZGOAL.
  • Advising an employer on the use of information collected concerning employees and safe storage of information.
  • Meeting with Ombudsmen regarding a complaint over withheld commercial information.
  • Advising on issues under the Official Information Act 1982.
  • Advising on issues under the Public Records Act 2005.
  • Considerable research and publications on implications of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (UK): “Freedom of Information – Will Public Authorities Be Able to Copy Copyright Documents When Responding to Requests?” (7 July 2004,; “Reduction of Legal Risk Through, and other Advantages of, the Adoption of RSS and Email Subscription” (15 October 2004,; “Freedom of Information – Department of Constitutional Affairs Speaks on the Issue of Copyright” (27 October 2004,; “Freedom of Information and the Protection of Regulatory Data: A Case Study” (2004) Regulatory Affairs Journal (Pharma) 887; “Freedom of Information and Blogging: A Potentially Dangerous Mix?” (19 January 2005,; “Freedom of Information: Contractual Consultation Obligations” (2005) World Data Protection Report 16.

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