Public law

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We’ve both spent substantial portions of our careers working in the public sector and, when in the private sector, on public law issues. Richard undertook large volumes of public law work when in private practice (in both New Zealand and London, for public sector and private sector clients respectively) and has subsequently worked for the Commerce Commission, State Services Commission and Department of Internal Affairs. Genevieve likewise did large volumes of public law work when in private practice (including on secondment to the then Crown Company Monitoring Advisory Unit) and has since worked for Transpower, the State Services Commission and Department of Internal Affairs. Genevieve also dealt with numerous public law issues, from a supplier’s perspective, when General Counsel for Unisys New Zealand.


  • Legal research, analysis, preparation of pleadings and submissions, and in some cases appearances as junior counsel, for government agencies in high profile and high value judicial review proceedings (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Provision of wide-ranging legal advice and drafting assistance in connection with the first whole of government direction to be issued by the Minister of State Services and Minister of Finance under section 107 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 (Richard).
  • Provision of similar advice and drafting in connection with the seeking of Cabinet directions to departments regarding use of certain all-of-government services, including addressing responses to the CAB-100 consultation process (Richard).
  • Working with The Treasury and Parliamentary Counsel to amend the Public Finance (Departmental Guarantees and Indemnities) Regulations 2007 to allow departments to use web 2.0 products and services, the standard terms for which contain indemnities, without Minister of Finance consent (Genevieve and Richard).
  • Advice on administrative law implications of greater online participatory decision-making (Richard).
  • Legal research and development of consultation processes for, and development and drafting of, the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL) and substantial parts of the supporting Cabinet paper (Richard). Richard has also led all NZGOAL training of agencies.
  • Advice on contract transfers under the State Sector Act upon the transition of a business unit from one department to another (Genevieve).
  • Advice on draft legislation (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Advising a commercial client on select committee processes and the release of information, attending select committee hearings on behalf of clients and assisting them with preparation (Genevieve).
  • Part of the team that established the State-owned enterprise At Work Insurance Limited (Genevieve).
  • While on secondment at CCMAU (as it then was), advising Ministers and their advisers on legal issues raised in relation to the performance of State-owned enterprises and Crown companies including company and commercial law, securities law, directors’ duties and Ministers’ powers under relevant legislation (Genevieve).
  • Numerous and wide-ranging issues of statutory interpretation (Richard and Genevieve).

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