Public sector procurement

Complex procurements are seldom entirely risk free. We can advise you on the issues that do or may arise and help you with your drafting needs

We know New Zealand’s procurement frameworks and apply them in a manner that both mitigates risk and enables agencies to meet their objectives. We have a thorough understanding of the issues inherent in complex, syndicated and all-of-government procurement and the channels through which procurement-related challenges can be made. We’ve provided the majority of the legal and quasi-legal procurement and probity advice to the All-of-government Authentication Programme (as it was once called) since December 2006 as well as to Government Technology Services and then both the Department of Internal Affairs’ Knowledge, Information, Research and Technology Branch and the igovt-related operations of Service Delivery and Operations. We’ve drafted a large number of tender documents across the full gamut of single purchase, panel supply and syndicated procurements.


  • Providing wide-ranging tendering advice on large projects, such as a complex partnering project, an IT syndicated procurement and the procurement of a build contract for an all-of-government system (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Preparation of tender document templates (Richard).
  • Providing advice in relation to all-of-government procurements (Genevieve).
  • Development of an online RFP builder at (Richard).
  • Day to day tendering advice (including application of exceptions to open tendering requirements in the Mandatory Rules for Procurement by Departments) and drafting numerous RFPs for goods, services and consultancy (single purchase and panel supply) (Richard and Genevieve).

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