Technology and commercial

We can help you with your contractual or other technology-related legal needs

Our collective experience in technology and commercial law includes drafting and negotiating large numbers of technology contracts, advising on virtually every kind of technology contract (from shrink-wrap agreements to syndicated telecommunication services contracts to large infrastructure agreements), advising on a wide spectrum of issues regarding authentication, identity verification, the internet, websites, open source and social media, and advising on and resolving IT and other commercial disputes.


  • Between us, drafting and/or negotiating numerous outsourcing, hosting, housing, software development and support, maintenance and web contracts, including IT master agreements, contracts for software development and maintenance, IT services agreements, alliance agreements, syndicated IT agreements, website terms of use and API terms (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Central roles in the development and subsequent management and variation of the majority of the major public sector technology contracts led by the State Services Commission and Department of Internal Affairs (both the supplier agreements and the agency agreements) since 2006 (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Amending numerous software licenses including reseller, click-wrap and end user licence agreements (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Negotiating software licensing terms with multinational suppliers (Genevieve and Richard).
  • Negotiating indemnity provisions with an array of IT suppliers (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Drafting and negotiating the contract for a multimillion dollar IT hardware sale (Genevieve).
  • Drafting and negotiating the IT services agreement and subcontractor arrangements for a particular type of smart card (Genevieve).
  • Drafting and negotiating software development and system integration agreements (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Advising on and drafting the legal terms for a wide range of government and other websites (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Drafting of all legal and other content for (and complete development of) an NZGOAL website,, including its online review and release process for licensing of government copyright works (Richard).
  • Advising on open source software licensing, including on the GPL, BSD and Apache licenses (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Successful resolution of a domain name dispute (Richard).
  • Legal (and other) input into requirements gathering processes for online tools (Richard).
  • Substantial legal input into all-of-government IP and offshoring/cloud guidelines (Richard and Genevieve).
  • Advising on the legal implications of online participation and social media, including the drafting of staff contribution guidelines (Richard and Genevieve).

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